Barcelona food tours

Gourmet tours in Barcelona to savour local cuisine and popular flavours with no fads or pretentious proposals

Barcelona gets more than 8 million tourists every year and it seems all it has to offer are classic tapas, pintxos (a Basque tradition, by the way), paella, flamenco, the Gothic Quarter, Las Ramblas and La Barceloneta. But there is much more than that: speaking of cooking, the Catalan capital has a lively food scene which combines an ancient culinary tradition with the newest of food trends.

On the one hand, some of the oldest food temples in town keep feeding their regulars, neighbours, common people and all those who do not care much about spherified olives or Ferran Adrià’s latest brainwave thought up while sitting on toilet. Places, at last, which are far removed from all that tourists expect and bloggers are always talking about. On the other hand, Barcelona offers up its personal version of some global trends such as natural wines, craft beer, or avant-garde cuisine, which are promoted from newly opened venues together with everyday dishes, traditional family recipes and popular flavours of Catalan cuisine. This is an exciting side of Barcelona that will surprise you hands down.

And this is our commitment, to combine the best of both worlds in order to keep surprising our guests, whether they be first-timers or serial-visitors to Barcelona, but always well-travelled people willing to eat, learn and have a good time. And so far it seems like they have. But please, don’t expect us to transform your life. Our city food tours are just personal itineraries curated by people who were born, raised and fed on vermouth, mongetes and botifarra. Forget about spiritual experiences unless you abuse your spirits.

Join any of our regular itineraries whether if you want to spend a morning exploring Barcelona’s Food Markets tour, or maybe you are in the mood for an unpredictable evening joining our Beyond tapas tour. Those with a wild spirit will find a real challenge to prove themselves on our Vermouth tour or the most extreme and wildest evening in the suburbs on the Off Barcelona tour. Dare you try?

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