Media contents

We produce content for cooking and travel magazines and work as fixers for TV shows and food and travel writers

Aborígens provides contents for food and travel media in Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain
As accredited journalists, we produce content for Media, especially for food magazines and travel guides. We also liase with TV shows and professional writers looking for original stories about Catalan cuisine, suggesting topics, facilitating contacts, arranging interviews, acting as interpreters and publicising the protagonists of Barcelona and Catalan current cuisine.

During more than 10 years we have worked and freelanced in Catalonia, Spain, Middle East and Southeast Asia for several local media such as TV3, La Vanguardia, Avui, CUINA magazine, Time Out, Éditions Gallimard, MotoGP Championship, Al vostre gust TV show, Movida’s Guide to Barcelona and Movida Solera books by Frank Camorra and Richard Cornish, La Gastroteca, Descobrir Catalunya, and so one.

Looking for contributors? Just send us a proposal. We will more than happy to help you but be sure we don’t work for free.