Food research and consulting

Learn all about Barcelona and Catalonia’s culinary scene with the most talented Catalan food experts

The latest food trends, the best artisans, new openings or emerging chefs. Keep reading and discover the current situation in the Catalan food scene.

As Catalans and after more than 10 years of working as journalists, we know our country pretty well. Every week we comb every inch of the region, sniffing like pigs to find the most interesting proponents and the most unique products, tasting the suggestions of local chefs, discovering new openings and exploring those kitchens where traditional Catalan cuisine was founded. Not to mention those hard (very hard) days spent tasting wines and spirits from our favourite wineries and those made by eccentric winemakers we meet on our way.

With all this knowledge we design day tours or longer itineraries, arranging meetings, visits, tastings, private cooking masterclasses for chefs, restaurateurs and cooking schools to get an insider view of Barcelona and Catalonia local cuisine. Explore Catalonia with us and rest assured that our findings won´t leave you indifferent!

As a Pro you probably came here looking for a food tour without noticing we have really good things for you. Because although you are in Barcelona on vacation, we know you are always on duty. And so are we. Give us a shout and we’ll show you the real stuff.