Barcelona food markets Tour

A gastronomic tour through Barcelona’s food markets to enjoy the flavours of traditional Catalan seasonal cuisine

There are few things that we like more than starting a day with a morning market visit. Who can resist the smell of pork chin being grilled, or the satisfying yell of a fishmonger wrapping a beautiful fresh hake? We love our local markets and think you will too, so we have put together a morning tour in the midst of the freshest, tastiest places in Barcelona.

This itinerary is an introduction to Catalan cuisine that begins far from the well-known Boqueria and Santa Caterina markets. Why? Because everybody already knows them and there are 37 other markets to be discovered. We will take a stroll to visit butchers, cheesemakers, cod sellers, bakers, chocolatiers and all kinds of vendors talking to them and tasting their products before ending in our favourite bodegas, fondes and food houses.

We will do that with the only aim of learning about our Roman heritage, ways of farming, seed banks, ancestral wineries, peasant cuisine, the impact of the New World on our recipes, the influence of religion in our diet and learning, of course, about why our mornings require a knife and a fork. Because our Food markets Tour have a popular flavour, based in the neighbourhoods and markets. The flavours of life.

  • Don’t think that the Boqueria is the only starting point for Catalan cuisine. Barcelona has 38 other markets, as you will find out.
  • History, legends, traditions, religion, politics, ingredients, products, recipes, gastronomy… Culture!
  • Meet producers, artisans, vendors, pastry chefs, bakers, butchers, cooks and restaurateurs committed to our culinary heritage
  • No, we never visit La Boqueria or Santa Caterina markets. Why? Go by yourself, draw your own conclusions and then we’ll talk.
  • A guide dressed with a corporate t-shirt holding a flag and herding cats a large group. Not under our name.
  • If you would settle for a walk down Las Ramblas and a precooked paella served with a litre of sangria, this isn’t the tour for you.