Cooking stages and trips for chefs

Improve your skills, develop your talents and learn everything about Catalan cuisine working side by side with the best cooks and top artisans

Want to know the secrets of Catalan cuisine? Do not waste your time and let us put you in contact with the best Catalan chefs, so you can learn from them in private cooking stages and have the experience of your life.

We know you are here because you are passionate about Catalan and Spanish cuisine. And we do know you want to immerse yourself in our traditional cuisine or get to know new trends and what is going on Barcelona’s best restaurants. You probably are here following the explosion of creativity inherited from elBulli or you just want to learn about how Catalan cuisine has been built thanks to romans, moors and jewish or just knowing about how the arrival of the Spaniards to America change our cuisine forever. Or, maybe, you have been attracted by from the french and italian influences till the legacy of Ferran Adrià.

Trainings, workshops, tastings and much more

Who cares… If you are a food pro from overseas interested in going beyond clichés you are in the right point. We prepare stays for head chefs and their teams and for cooking schools about Catalan gastronomy. Not only about cooking, traditional products, ancient techniques, olive oil and many other tasting but also to discover the ethnography, customs and traditions behind our popular recipes.

We plan workshops, tastings, private masterclasses to let you know what’s cooking in contemporary Catalan cuisine -from lesser-known products to the best restaurants at which to taste them. Discover new recipes, meet chefs, undertake a training camp with local chefs, learn from artisan producers, learn about new trends or taste wines made from local varieties for an insight into the culinary scene in Barcelona and Catalonia.

What shall we cook today? Let us know your ingredients and we will get the best recipe for you.