Catalonia & Spain food vacation

Take a trip to the food (and wine) side of Catalonia, the Basque Country, Galicia and Spain with our long-stay packages

There are many clichés about Spanish cuisine when, in fact, still retains a huge and exciting diversity. There are as many food cultures as identities so why don’t explore those differences instead of promoting the same old topics? That’s why we design food vacations for you to enjoy Catalan and Spanish gastronomy in a deeper, funnier way.

Heading Madrid, Sevilla, Córdoba, Santiago, Bilbao or San Sebastian after or before Barcelona? Let us design you holidays in Catalonia and around Spain: from a 7-days-trip about the highlights of Catalonia to North vs South cuisines trip, to an immersion of the Atlantic cuisine in Galicia, the secrets of Jamon Iberico spending few days in the oak forest, or just tasting the best sherries in the world when not catching up with some friends to understand poteo culture in the Basque Country. And there is much more but now is not the moment for us to lecture you about culinary identities.

Please note that we don’t have branches in other cities and be sure that we don’t work with impersonal tapas tour franchised companies. What we do is working with (real) experts in every town with whom we share the same philosophy about promoting local food culture.

Just ask us and we will be delighted of designing the perfect trip around Catalonia and Spain. Say hola!

  • A broad range of food and wine activities in the Basque Country, Galicia, Andalusia, Madrid… Our tentacles are looooooong.
  • Meeting people as passionate as us about food cuture, culinary identities and local food traditions.
  • Another point of view to discover rural Spain without thousands of tourists following you.
  • All-inclusive packages and resorts. If you think so, you have not understood anything.
  • A bad magic trip powered by ayahuasca or other risky substances.
  • The same tapas tour everywhere. Because we don’t offer pintxos in Barcelona you won’t have Catalan platillos in the Basque Country.