Barcelona vermouth tour

With this afternoon food tour we will quench your thirst exploring one of the most popular traditions in Barcelona. Turn the wine tap on!

Hunters of more snobbish tendencies have made vermouth a symbol of the Barcelona hipster. However, wineries and bars where vermouth is drunk for pleasure and not for show (or for Instagram) still exist. Have always existed. At least since the first wineries started making vermouth in XIXth century. Then, fer el vermut or having the vermouth become a weekend tradition for those coming back from Sunday Mass or just for those leaving home before the lunch time to enjoy midday catching up with friends and neighbours.

What we love about fer el vermut is that is as simple as getting vermouth out of the cask, pairing it with some salted and tender anchovies, opening a tin of mussels, having another vermouth, waiting for the razor clams, seasoning some bravas with a spicy romesco, getting some cheese, having another vermouth and finding the way home because lunch is already served and we don’t want Mama get upset. So, come with us and your middays will never be the same again.

  • Canned food is much better than you think. Wanna bet on it?
  • After three straight vermouths life goes by easy, veeeeeery easy.
  • Unexpected holes in the walls that even your hotel concierge will not know.
  • Damn! Our vermouth time is not a brunch! Ever!
  • Martini is an Italian vermouth but it has nothing to do with Catalan ones. 
  • A buffet. All you can eat is a concept we don’t do.