Gastronomic self drive holidays

Make your way across Catalonia with our Fly and Drive tours for you to eat and drink the best of our country at your own pace

Your car or bike is parked outside the airport with everything you need: a personalized roadbook with your itinerary, a GPS, a full tank of fuel, the road to horizon and your few days of vacation ahead. This is what it’s all about. About exploring Catalonia at your pace but also about eating and drinking.

Our self drive holidays are an amazing way to explore the country, visiting great locations, unexpected towns and, of course, stopping over the best food and wine spots, meeting lovely people and eating at the best restaurants. Just tell us what kind of traveller you are, your preferences (Coast? Mountain? Countryside? Cultural sights? Religious art?…), your type of restaurant (Traditional? High-end? Fancy? Peasant?…), the accommodation you would like, etc, and we will design the best plan for your own driving vacation.

We will help you from the very beginning, choosing the best itinerary, giving you directions to follow, where to stop for a picnic, which restaurants to try and all the producers to meet on the way. Whether you are visiting Catalonia for few days or for a longer stay, you will enjoy our hidden side of the country along B-roads.

  • An awesome experience on wheels for adventurous travelers.
  • An itinerary specially made for you and your preferences: personalized service is our mantra.
  • Best food and wine visits from North to South, from East to West.
  • The usual suspects: crowded locations and classic destinations. Real travelers want to explore!
  • Expensive packages and tours only. No, we have high quality options for all kind of budgets.
  • Traffic delays and thousands of cars collapsing roads. Main highways are not allowed.