Tailor made tours in Barcelona

Don’t miss our bespoke tours for you to satisfy your unmentionable food fixations. You can trust us because our are pretty out there too

Sustainable fishing, pig slaughter festivals, homemade sausages, craft beer, seed banks, organic farming, local veggies, cocktail trends and mixology, game and poultry, hunting, seafood, bread and bakers, pastries, chocolates and sweet temptations… If it is edible and drinkable (and legal), we’ve got it covered. Tell us your deepest pleasures and we will create the perfect feast for you.

We design tours and foodie itineraries according to your preferences and your free time for you to discover Catalan culture while visiting farmers markets, wine producers, artisans, craft makers, etc. Without mention all those bars and restaurants where tasting the best specialties from Barcelona and Catalonia. Make this real is as simple as confessing us your food and drinks inclinations, discussing with you our suggestions and closing a deal full of pleasures.

[Note] For dodgy stuff and other indecent proposals, please email our brother company Aborígens – Local Gang Insiders.

  • Don’t be shy, confess us what you like and rest easy: we’d rather cook a paella with chorizo than break the bond of confidentiality.
  • Nothing you tell us will sound too bizarre. We are the first ones to ask for weird stuff (always food related).
  • The two of us going the extra mile for our guests. Despite some bad jokes, we take our job very seriously.
  • We can’t take you to Sagrada Familia, Park Güell or any others monuments. Please hire an accredited guide to arrange these activities and skip the fake ones.
  • Us offering the same activity as dozens of other companies. We used to work as journalists, but we are done with the copy-and-paste business. We personally design and operate inimitable tours and trips.
  • A recommendation or booking for a restaurant where we wouldn’t celebrate our grandma’s birthday.