Who we are

Meet the small brains behind this atypical company

Aborígens is a project run by two Catalan professionals with experience in journalism and communication, bla, bla, bla… To be honest, as you read this we are probably dipping bread in a pan for the last remnants of a delicious meal, or drinking a beer in a bar with a slightly dubious reputation.

Talking about our professional history in a country on the brink of bankruptcy likely means very little, so we want to emphasise that we are people with a passion for food, who would love to share our love for Catalan cuisine with you over a few beers –and find out more about you as well.

Whilst we await your arrival, we shall put some bottles of cava to one side for your welcome and give you a brief explanation of what the Aborígen spirit is all about.


1_ As children we didn’t fall into a pot of homemade stew and weren’t guided by a mentor in food sorcery. We are simply people who like to eat and drink. That’s how we were raised.

2_ We are not possessed by a rebellious spirit, nor irreverent. We are not a cry of hope, neither a call to rebellion.

3_ We love andouillete, cannoli, haggis, raki and the like, but we grew up in the land of pa amb tomàquet and have a special devotion to Catalan cuisine.

4_ As Local Food Insiders and Catalan natives we promote local gastronomic tourism which fits with the territory, brings people into the community and remains faithful to Catalonia’s food traditions.

5_ We can’t promise extraordinary or supernatural experiences. What we do offer is an inside track on our country’s gastronomic and cultural heritage.

6_ Besides offering tours, we create projects and events with just one aim in mind: To enjoy our gastronomy in an open, friendly atmosphere.



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