Fine product export

We supply a genuine selection of Catalan food and gourmet products made with passion by the best local food artisans

Yes, you probably hearded about arbequina, merlot, cava, llonganissa and black truffle but what about argudell olive oil, a grape called mandó, Ancestral cava, girella sausage or amanita cesarea?

We work for companies in the food industry -importers and distributors, gourmet and deli shops owners specialized in Spanish and Catalan food- researching and finding products they look for. We not only find these products but help them to deal with the suppliers, with logistic and shipment process. We also design tours for them -and their final clients- to meet and taste our selection of products at first hand.

We have selected a great range of unique olive oils, rices, mushrooms and truffle, canned vegetables, seafood tins, wines from local grapes, nuts, fruits, sausages and cured meats, craft beer, artisan cheeses, liquors, salt and spices and any food product related to the territory, to our history and our culinary tradition. All these products are made by food artisans running family-owned businesses.

Would you like to taste more? Let’s have something to eat and drink.