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Discover the secrets of Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine from the best local experts and let them help you improve your business

Catalan cuisine is not Europe’s last great culinary secret any more but we are sure Colman Andrews will be glad to see how, despite the invasion of cupcakes, food trucks, healthy diets and hipster markets, its essence remains faithful to our landscapes, our history and our traditions. It is now, more than ever, a sign of our vibrant culture and that is why we open its doors, bringing its products, introducing its artisans, its recipes and its old-time stories to chefs, restaurateurs, importers and distributors, food industry professionals, cooking schools and universities, publishers, journalists, travel guides, food magazines, tv producers and to all those who want to know more about it.

For all of them we offer Research and consulting services, which include tours to any regions in Catalonia and Spain to get to know the best and most unique foods and wines. Arrangements include visits to production facilities, meetings with producers and local cooks, private workshops and lessons, and of course product tastings. In addition, we also help culinary pros to source Fine products to export before arranging all paperwork and shipments to be sold at foreign markets or to be used at their own restaurants as well.

As journalists, we also write Media content such as articles and food stories for magazines and travel guides. Last but not least, we design Stages and trips for chefs and students interested in learning the basics of Catalan cuisine from the most experienced and talented local cooks. From individual travellers to groups, they will all have access to products and techniques used or developed at one of the food capitals of the world. Well, at least is what they say.

In the end, we uncover Catalan food culture to them so if you wonder why, or need further information, just take a look.

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