Off Barcelona food tour

Travel into the unknown Barcelona through the best local bars and taverns to know how daily life tastes. Real explorers only.

If the food temple won’t come to us, we will visit that food temple. Join us in this real adventure to taste the less known flavours of Barcelona.

This is not a tour. It is a journey into the unknown of Barcelona: The city’s neighbourhoods, suburbs and outskirts. Once a month, with limited places and a few hours ahead, we visit authentic temples of local cuisine -where the stoves cook everyday, honest delicious cuisine. It is as simple and real as life itself.

  • An honest, raw immersion in real, ordinary Barcelona. Feel a real sense of community.
  • A rich, humble cuisine which is blissfully unaware of global food trends
  • Casual, refined venues not featured in Lonely Planet or on Anthony Bourdain’s shows.
  • All these artificial Barcelonas that fill postcards. No photoshop here.
  • The “local” Barcelona around Poble Sec, Gràcia and Sant Antoni is as touristy as el Born, and La Barceloneta.
  • Waves of undead tourists chasing tapas and speaking too loud.