Rural Catalan artisans Tour

Where food, tradition, landscape, food artisans and humble cuisine meet across the Catalan countryside

One day trip exploring the flavors of Catalan cuisine through wine cellars, artisan food producers, fishermen and renowned local chefs. All of them work in silence, oblivious to trends and the passage of time. Honestly. Faithful to a rural heritage that refuses to disappear.

We design the itinteraries according to the season, giving priority to those food projects we love. We spend one day a week travelling around Catalonia, meeting people and learning these projecte we are sure you will love as well.

So, meet the artisans and the gastronomic projects which they are most passionate about: meat producers, cheese makers, producers, bakers… These people keep the traditions and genuine flavours of Catalan cuisine alive. They are master craftsmen and they are only a stone’s throw away from Barcelona.

  • To visit more places than just Sitges, Montserrat and Girona. No offence, we love Malvasia, fresh cheese and xuixos(cream pastry), but there is a whole country outside Barcelona.
  • Get to meet producers. Every product has one of our heroes behind it. Artisans who love their work. Watch out: Their passion is contagious.
  • Learn and talk about food, history, traditions. You will be escorted not only by locals, but people with deep knowledge and passion for their culture.
  • We are Catalan, but you won’t find us carrying barretina and espardenyes. Forget folklore –this is not a trip to a theme park.
  • Food venues and restaurants with buses waiting outside. Our visits are always private and we personally choose restaurants that don’t allow crowds.
  • A happy ending in the bush. We are professionals, thus we charge extra for that particular service.