Frequently Asked Questions

Cesc and Àlex. Àlex and Cesc. The same people you have been emailing with and will read about. Aborígens is a company owned and operated by the two of us, so we design and run ourserlves tours and activities that are not franchised in other cities and won’t be led by summer season guides. Guaranteed.

Need more details? This is us, but you can always give us a shout.

No megaphones, flags or vouchers. We treat our guests individually and know their names. The reduced size of our groups, with a minimum of three attendees and a maximum of eight, allow us to offer the personalized experience we would like to find as travelers. Please note: if the minimum number of attendants is not reached, you will be offered an alternative or a full refund before the tour date. For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions.
As long as your family or group is smaller than the House of Saud, the answer is yes. We love to customize activities, so please contact us to tell us how many are you and which are your gastronomic interests -that way we will design a memorable feast. 
Group tours with availability are advertised on our Bookings Calendar. Once you sign-up, we will send a confirmation message as soon as possible.

Accepted payment methods: credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or bank transfer (payor will assume any transaction fees).  

Unfortunately, some banks don’t allow overseas online payments without asking for clearance first. If your payment fails, you should check it with your bank / credit card issuing company and ask them to allow online payments to Spain. 
Either it’s you or us who is forced to cancel a tour, we are sensible human beins and we’ll do our best to solve the situation. Our Terms and Conditions are crystal clear:

In the event that Aborígens are forced to cancel any activity due to outside circumstances, we will do everything possible to offer you an alternative. That could mean rescheduling the same tour for another day, or looking for another solution that better fits your calendar. If neither of these options is possible, then your money will be refunded.

We have put together routes that will not require you to train for a marathon in advance, with an average total distance covered of 3km. Along the way, there are plenty of opportunities to sit down and rest, and toilet facilities so you can change the water to the olives (local expression non-related to food). Since ours are not fixed tours, sometimes we just decide to go from A to B by taxi or metro, being all included.
Native donkeys are the traditional vehicle for Catalans, but we prefer a more comfortable choice for taking you to your food. Tours outside Barcelona are facilitated by brand-new and comfortable cars and private minivans.
Sí. Price includes several food tastings and drinks, but not an exact number as in most canned food tours. Ours are flexible, and once we meet the group we will decide how the itinerary and tastings are going to be. The only thing we can guarante is that there will be enough to quench your appetite and enjoy yourself.
Oh yes. Drinking is part of our culture, and some of us do it moderately- at least when we are working. If you don’t imbibe or have any allergies, then let us know when booking the tour. We also remind you that the law prohibits the serving of alcohol to under-18s.

Important notice: due to our concern with drinking up to intoxication levels, our guests may be required to pass a field sobriety test. If you are not able to name all the families of Game of Thrones, the tour is over for you!

Of course. The only thing we ask you is to contact us first to inform about any allergies, intolerances or dietary restrictions.

Serious notice about diet preferences/restrictions: Gluten-free or vegetarian options are not the easiest in a country where pa amb tomàquet (bread + tomato) and botifarra (pork sausage) are national dishes. Please, be honest with us when asking for any special requirements, as we make an extra effort and take them more seriously than you can imagine.

First of all, congratulations! If your situation obliges you to restrict wine, coffee, cheese and meat intake, but you still want to join our tour, then you are more than welcome. We will find some other mum-to-be friendly bites.
Most times yes, but we ask you to contact us first so we can discuss which tour works best for your family.

Age policy and prices (group rate):

    • 0-4 years: free of charge
    • 5-9 years: 30
    • 10-14 years: 75
    • 15 on: adult rate

Barcelona is known for its year-round nice weather, and we are pretty sure this is one of the reasons why you are visiting us. Heat or rain can’t stop us, so we run tours 12 months a year despite of the weather. In the event of raining frogs, eventually we could include them as tasting. Luckily the expression “raining cats and dogs” has no translation to Catalan.
Dress code is a personal matter and we don’t dare to tell you not to wear that Hawaiian shirt you love so much. However, since you are reading this we recommend comfortable shoes and casual wear.

Important notice: Mexican sombreros sold in Les Rambles are not considered local accessories. Their use on our tours is prohibited by law. Our law.

Currently we are not on sale, but our tours are. Just explain us who is she/he and we’ll send you a gift voucher for a tour. Could be the best gift they have ever got.
We are glad you asked. If you liked the complimentary list of recommendations that we send those who sign-up for a tour, perhaps you will enjoy more having access to our full list of bars, restaurants, food&wine stores and other temples chosen during years of fieldwork. For a small fee, we will send you this holy book (in pdf) and make a maximum of 3 bookings to restaurants (suggested by us or your choice).