Travel to Catalonia with Colman Andrews

Colman Andrews and Ferran Adrià


Join the internationally known food writer for a unique exploration trip of Catalan food, from its traditional cuisine to its innovative fine dining scene.

It was in the mid-80s when the internationally known food writer Colman Andrews crossed the border from France on a culinary journey that put Catalan cuisine on the map with a book that never gets old (Catalan Cuisine: Europe’s Last Great Culinary Secret). Three decades later, we have turned those pages into an exciting culinary trip to explore Catalan food culture, traveling through our country, meeting our favorite food producers, sitting at the best restaurants, discovering our culinary traditions and revisiting, at last, what is left and what has changed since then. Join us and follow the steps of this respected American food writer, known as an expert on Catalonia’s cuisine, to savour the region as never before.

While Colman’s book “Catalan Cuisine” still sells and still garners good reviews, it is outdated. Many of the chefs and other personalities it features have passed on, and many new and exciting things have happened since it first appeared — most dramatically, the culinary revolution fomented by the modernist master Ferran Adrià (above, with Colman) at his legendary elBulli -now closed as a restaurant, but being reborn as an institute for creativity, culinary and otherwise-.

What our host Colman Andrews says on the 2020 upcoming trip to Catalonia:

In my continuing travels around Catalonia since the book was published, I’ve come to realize that I neglected a lot of wonderful traditional food in various areas. With all this in mind, I have started working on a major updating and revision of the original work, and this trip marks the debut of my new focused researches.

Join me as I travel through parts of Catalonia that I have come to know and love, discovering new things and enjoying some of the captivating places and memorable classic and contemporary dishes that have kept me returning to the region for the past three decades.

A once-in-a-lifetime 9 day-8 night tour that will include some of the best restaurants in Catalonia and unique private visits to food producers with an internationally known and respected food writer. Enjoy the local food and wines from the area and take some time off to explore Barcelona and some beautiful coastal towns from September 11th – 19th, 2020.

This group has a limited capacity, so hurry up and contact us to request further details* and secure a spot! 

  • Expert guidance There’s no one better than Colman Andrews to lead this trip and showing us the best kept secrets of Catalonia. After all, his first cookbook, Catalan Cuisine: Europe’s Last Great’s Culinary Secret remains one of the best books about our country and its gastronomic traditions.
  • Committment We go to the basics: landscapes, products, people and history. Because everything we do promotes local food culture.
  • Fun We like traveling in a good mood, taking part in witty conversations, having nice moments and forming shared memories. We just want to have fun.
  • People Farmers, artisans, fishermen, cooks, etc. All our hosts are keepers of an ancestral heritage and we will meet them at their places to learn about that legacy.
  • Excellent cuisine From humble taverns to celebrated high-end restaurants. From homemade meals to avantgarde tasting menus. We will leave no food behind.
  • Food Insiders Aborígens is the way two hungry journalists from Barcelona found to express what they like most: eating good food and drinking good wine. A lot. Since 2011.
    • elBulli’s legacy. Ferran Adrià changed culinary scene and his work was spread all over the world. Now he is working in creativity and we will understand what it does mean.
    • Meeting with Mr Subirós at Motel Empordà to enjoy a meal and learning about how Josep Mercader change Catalan cuisine forever.
    • Seafood culture. We will spend a day in Costa Brava to cook a traditional fishermen’s stew.
    • Farm living. Spend a day trip to the roots of traditional cuisine visiting two food artisans based in rural Catalonia where pork sausages and cheese are a must.
    • Wines and bubbles. Two private tastings during harvest season at two family-run wineries.


*All inclusions, payment terms and booking conditions will be sent by email individually upon request.