Toro Bravo culinary trip to Spain 2017

Join chef John Gorham (Toro Bravo and La Ruta PDX: a gastronomic festival) for a culinary journey around Catalonia, the Basque Country and Rioja

“This is my 13th trip to Spain. Each time new doors open and new friends are made. This is something I have only ever shared with my family and people from with the company. I am excited to now be able to share my explorations with the public.”

Chef John Gorham wants to show you what’s behind his menu. Since he fell in love with Spanish food, he has been exploring every corner of the Spanish geography to bring back to Portland the flavors of such a diverse cuisine.

And now you can join him and his crew to taste some of his favourite products and dishes while traveling from North to South, Barcelona to San Sebastián, with a last stage in Rioja. A journey from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic coast where you will meet artisan food producers, passionate wine makers, skilled fishermen and renowned local chefs.

The man behind Toro Bravo and La Ruta PDX: a gastronomic festival, met Aborígens one dark, long night in Barcelona that started with too much vermouth (if that has ever existed). Together they have designed a one-in-lifetime itinerary of 11 days – 10 nights that will take place from August 30 to September 9, 2017.

This group has a limited capacity, so hurry up and contact us to request further details* or submit your deposit to secure a spot

  • Visit the vibrant show of a professional fish auction.
  • Sea to table: enjoy a fresh seafood dinner on board a fishing boat
  • Wine for breakfast: experience first-hand what “esmorzar de forquilla” means.
  • Rural heroes: explore the Catalan countryside and the best artisan food makers.
  • Are you into bubbles? Taste the difference between cava vs. ancestral.
  • Meet the pros: private wine, cheese and sausage tastings.
  • Unexplored Barcelona: an evening at John Gorham’s favourites.
    • Anchovies are not pizza toppings. Learn about cured fish and taste the difference.
    • Pintxos and potes: this is how Basques dine around.
    • Cook with John Gorham at a private, exclusive gastronomic society. Serious eaters only.
    • Txotx: it’s harvest season and cider producers need our help to press apples.
    • Meet Euskal txerri pigs, a native breed recently recovered breed. Look happy and taste better.
    • A food journey to the roots of an ancestral country: traditional, fine Basque cooking at a Michelin starred restaurant.
    • The iconic reds. Visit a renowned winery that represents the traditional way of understanding wine in Rioja
    • Taste some traditional tempranillos from the Spanish D.O.
    • Grilled milk-fed lamb and seasonal vegetables; no words needed to describe this mouth-watering local delicacy cooked in asadores.
    • The new Rioja: meet the young and unconformist winemakers producing small scale without sulfites. Forget about rounded and balanced mass industry wines.


*All inclusions, payment terms and booking conditions will be sent by email individually upon request.