Toro Bravo culinary trip to Spain 2018

Join chef John Gorham (Toro Bravo PDX) for a culinary journey around Catalonia and Andalusia

“This is my 14th trip to Spain. Each time new doors open and new friends are made. This is something I have only ever shared with my family and people from with the company. I am excited to now be able to share my explorations with the public.”

Chef John Gorham and Aborígens are happy to announce a new food exploration trip around the hidden corners of Catalan and Spanish cuisines. After a first successful tour of the North of the Peninsula Ibérica, this time we will head South to get immersed into rural Andalusia and the fishing coast of Cadis, where passionate artisans and their amazing products will be waiting.

A small group of lucky travelers, together with John and his crew, and a local, insider guide from Aborígens, will start this journey in Barcelona; a lively city with an ancient culinary tradition as well as a vibrant current food scene. After some urban and country exploration (unexplored parts of Rural Catalonia and Andalusia that we’ll keep secret until you get there…), we will make our way to the far South, ending the trip in Sevilla after so much good food and so many great wines.

Don’t miss such a unique opportunity to learn first-hand the origin of most recipes served at Toro Bravo, as well as how some of the most iconic Spanish products are made. A Mediterranean journey, North to South along the coast, where you will meet artisan food producers, passionate winemakers, skilled fishermen and renowned local chefs.

The man behind Toro Bravo and La Ruta PDX: a gastronomic festival is the exceptional host for a custom-designed, one-in-a- lifetime itinerary of 10 days – 9 nights that will take place from October 1st – 10th, 2018.

This group has a limited capacity, so hurry up and contact us to request further details* or submit your deposit to secure a spot

  • Bid for your food at a traditional fish auction.
  • Visit one of the oldest vermouth makers in Catalonia. 
  • Did you ever swim with a red tuna up to 3 meters? Get ready to dive in!
  • Taste the wine from Barcelona at its suburban vineyards.
  • Learn about olive oil and rural life while cooking lunch with a family of farmers.
  • Enjoy the vibrant food scene of Barcelona at John Gorham’s favourite taverns and bars.
  • Cook a traditional rice at the fields of the wildest Natural Park of South Catalonia.
    • Jamón Ibérico from the source: meet the famous black pigs and find out why they make such an amazing, fatty ham.
    • Explore the rich cultural heritage of Sevilla with a local expert.
    • Tapas night: what else can you expect in Andalusia? Good vibe and amazing food to share.
    • Get to know the complexity of sherry production by visiting a renowned winery in Jerez area.
    • Learn about the Moorish influence in Andalusian life, culture and gastronomy
    • Get delighted at a top Michelin starred restaurant specialized in fish and seafood.
    • Enjoy virgin beaches at the coast of Cadis, where summer never ends.
    • The wild, red tuna mecca: a lunch at the favourite fish temple for most Spanish chefs.
    • Toro Bravo day: meet the iconic bulls and learn what make them special.


*All inclusions, payment terms and booking conditions will be sent by email individually upon request.