(SOLD OUT!) Toro Bravo culinary trip to Spain 2019

Join chef John Gorham (Toro Bravo PDX) on a 10-day culinary journey around Catalonia and Galicia

“This is my 15th trip to Spain. Each time new doors open and new friends are made. This is something I have only ever shared with my family and people from with the company. I am excited to now be able to share my explorations with the public.”

Chef John Gorham and Aborígens are happy to announce their third food exploration tour around the hidden corners of Catalan and Galician cuisines. After two previous successful trips that brought us to the most amazing food and wine temples of the Basque Country and Andalusia, this time we will explore the North-West section of the Peninsula, where the wild Atlantic coast is the door to an unexplored world of rural flavors.

A small group of lucky travelers, together with John and his crew, and a local, insider guide from Aborígens, will start this journey in Barcelona; a lively city with an ancient culinary tradition as well as a vibrant current food scene. After some urban and country exploration (unexplored parts of Rural Catalonia that we’ll keep secret until you get there…), we will make our way to Galicia, a country with unique seafood, wine and people.

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