Showcooking with a Slow Food chef

Slow Food is not just a label showing that you follow certain regulations regarding local products, is a commitment to the territory. The same that we have been faithful to since Aborígens started crafting culinary experiences years ago.

In a world where restaurant kitchens use products from all over the world, while local farmers get paid so little that sometimes decide not to harvest, our pledge is to support the economy of our country by choosing those restaurants and producers who resist working honestly.

Sergi de Meià is a chef who promoted the Catalan branch of Slow Food, an Italian-born organization dedicated to preserving the disappearance of the local food culture and its traditions, and has become a true ambassador for sustainable farming. With roots in the Western Catalan region of La Noguera, SdM has been working for years side by side with every food producer in the area to make the most of its natural resources in season.

With both sides aligned, it was a perfect match and we decided to team up to create the first Slow Food Catalan Cuisine Trip, a culinary journey hosted by SdM and Aborígens that will be exploring local farms, food producers and restaurants through the country with a single aim: to share our passion for gastronomy while Meeting those who make it possible.