Gourmet weekend in Barcelona

Squeeze your time and make the most of your visit to Barcelona with an exciting, foodie getaway

Are you planning a break or a gourmet weekend? Come to Barcelona to escape the daily routine and forget your troubles wandering around the capital of Catalonia. Wether you are a first-timer or almost a local, let us surprise you with a foodie weekend full of action, good drink and better food.

This 3-days package tour is designed for those travellers coming to Barcelona for the weekend or a quick getaway. We provide transfers from and to the airport, accommodation in a boutique hotel, a food tour with us (suprised?), our personal foodie guide of Barcelona and bookings in restaurants for you to not wasting time while being in town. And because we know that it’s not about getting stressed, we will give you a lot of free time to do whatever you want.

Ask us for our packages and start thinking about having fun. Salut!

  • A very easy plan: contact us, book our package, get the program and give yourself an awesome break. You deserve it.
  • An always changing Barcelona. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been here before. We want you to know the different sides of the city.
  • A nice and customizable selection of food activities according your preferences: from private wine tastings and our memorable food tours to bookings to some exclusive restaurants without mention the latest food and wine scoops.
  • The same plain offr in boring brochures that you will find at the travel agency next to your home.
  • A closed package without option of change it. No, we love details so we personalize every single package
  • The obvious and classic sights your travel agent will find from his desk while eating doughnuts.