Cheesemaker in Catalonia

ISABELLA STRAUS is a cheese fromelière and architect who blogs and instagrams as #formaggiastic. Based in Vienna, Austria, she is in constant search of new cheesy adventures within Europe and beyond and loves to talk and taste cheese with fellow addicts around the globe.



with Formaggiastic

ISABELLA STRAUS is a cheese fromelière and architect who blogs and instagrams as #formaggiastic. Based in Vienna, Austria, she is in constant search of new cheesy adventures within Europe and beyond and loves to talk and taste cheese with fellow addicts around the globe.

Discover the best Catalan artisanal cheeses with the Austrian expert FORMAGGIASTIC on a foodie weekend full of farmers, shepherds, wine, home-made meals, cool restaurants and epic tastings.

You probably know very little about Catalan cheeses, but at this side of the Pyrenees there are some jewels that are shaking our dairy scene. Yes, we do not have a tradition as solid as in France or Italy, but local cheesemakers are keeping alive some ancient recipes at the same time that are creating a new and exciting range of cheeses never seen before.

That is why we asked FORMAGGIASTIC to come over and get a deeper taste of what shepherds and cheesemakers are doing together. Join us and spend a fun long weekend learning about Catalan cheeses at the same time we will explore the COUNTRYSIDE, meeting also farmers and winemakers; visiting bars and taverns and, at last, enjoying all the good things BARCELONA and CATALONIA have to offer. Are you ready? Say cheese!

"Cheese, its production and trade is strongly interwoven with the history of mankind, animals and landscape and its taste variety mirrors the efforts of thousands of cheesemakers from ancient times up to now. This milk-born, colourful and often molded gem with its sheer endless tactile, visual, scental and gustatory qualities lets us learn and discover something new every day".

Serrat, garrotxa, mató and tupí are some of the traditional cheeses made in Catalonia by artisan makers. Let's pay them a visit to taste their best products.

Enjoy a traditional farmhouse open-air BBQ lunch to get a real taste of Catalan cuisine.

Pairing cheese with wine is always a good time. So raise your glass. Salut!

The rural areas of Catalonia are still unspoilt. Escape the city with us and explore the country, its people and its best culinary secrets.


Rural life

We will indulge ourselves in the traditional Catalan way of living meeting farmers, shepherds and food and wine makers to better understand why they keep alive a rural heritage that refuses to disappear.


Lots of fun

Cheese, wine, great meals, cheese, craft beer, pork sausages, cheese and more cheese. What else can we ask for? Friends, food and good mood along the weekend. And cheese. Did we say cheese yet?

local food

Epic tastings

We have used Formaggiastic’s expertise and Aborígens local knowledge to design an itinerary to get the best of the Catalan cheese scene with only one condition: forget about Manchego.

cheese cave


Spring 2021



Max 14 guests


Starting and ending in Barcelona


  • Welcome dinner with a cheesemonger
  • Visits to two projects in the country
  • Grape harvest-lunch at an organic winery
  • Bars and taverns dine around in Barcelona
  • Farewell lunch at a farm-to-table restaurant




Boutique B&B in Barcelona

5 full meals matched with wines

Exclusive wine and cava tasting

Private roundtrip transfers


Isabella, a Vienna-based architect and cheese-blogger, runs an architecture office with one of her best friends since 2005. In fall of 2018 she passed the exam to the European Cheese Expert and now is, besides an architect, officially also a Fromelière. To her left by the way, that is Gustav – he is the tasting team. When #formaggiastic was born in early 2018 naturally the universal question of family and friends was – “and why exactly are you doing this?” Isabella´s answer to this is a rather simple one – “because it is about cheese! And because I find it more than fascinating that one main ingredient can deliver such versatile products”.



Aborígens – Local Food Insiders is a project curated by two Catalan journalists and also home of all those who are genuinely interested in food culture. We design and operate extreme food tours, bespoke trips, research and consulting services, and all kind of unexpected culinary adventures for food professionals and hardcore foodies visiting Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain. As Local Food Insiders we promote local food culture by designing and leading activities which respect and reflect the territory, bring people into the community and remain faithful to our food traditions.

raw milk cheese sheep in Catalonia vineyards in Catalonia raw milk cheese

Any questions?

Let's try to answer them


This long-weekend is about having a good time while learning about Catalan food and wine culture. So, no matter who you are and how much you know about cheeses. If you want to meet other cheese lovers and disocover the country beyond Barcelona, you will be more than welcome.


Yes! Although the program is full of lovely activities we will give you a free evening on Sunday for you to wonder around. You will also have some free time on Monday morning before our farewell lunch.


A transfer from the Airport is not included. We will meet at the B&B on Friday so the arrival is on your own. However, the transfer back to the Airport on Monday IS included. Better to get your flights late on Monday to enjoy the farewell lunch without rush.


An initial deposit of 300€ per person is required to secure a spot. Then and once the trip is confirmed, if a notification of cancellation is received more than 60 days before the departure, client will only lose the deposit. For notifications received within 60 days of departure, cancellation charges are as follows:
– 60 to 45 Days: 50% of program price;
– 44 to 30 Days: 75% of program price;
– 29 to the Day of Departure 100% of program price.

“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are.”
Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
"To eat or not to eat is a matter of money. Eating well or badly is a matter of culture."
Manuel V. Montalbán, writer