Day trips from Barcelona

Day trips to discover the countryside behind Barcelona and find out the best of rural and peasant Catalan cuisine

Catalonia is a small country full of contrasts and its landscapes hiding a wide range of tastes and its recipes preserving many old traditions. Come and meet the cheese makers, the wine makers, the shepherds, the farmers and all those local producers that keep the flame of our rural cuisine alive. Leave Barcelona for some hours and travel to the roots of Catalan cuisine.

Rural cuisine has been built over years and years of food shortages when need and lack of resources defined our culinary creativity. A cuisine related to seasonality, to festivities, religion, ancient family customs and self-sufficiency farming. Today everything has changed but we still follow this path of traditional flavours to find out how life was made of.

Let us introduce you to our mushroom culture (including black truffle) and our farming way of life. Taste our cold meats and sausages and learn about pigs and pork culture, recovered shepherds’ cheeses, olive oils, wild fishes and, of course, our best wines: from those peasant wines which bring back to life any dull spirit to the most refined wines and cavas without forgetting those less known winemakers who recovered our native grapes to get and express the taste of our terroir.

Rural Catalan artisans Tour

Barcelona wine tours

Truffle & Mushroom hunting Tour

Cheese & Olive oil tour