Culinary corporate events

Food and wine activities, gastronomic team building exercises and all kind of unique MICE events in Barcelona and Catalonia

Yes, the time has come to loosen your tie. Relax. Don’t worry. Relax. We have all sorts of activities and exercises for you and your workmates to enjoy and have fun while enriching your internal meetings as never before. Attend that congress or conference taking place in Barcelona, do your best and once all the work is over let us bring you some original and interesting food activities to squeeze in to your leisure time.

We use our in-depth knowledge of the sector to provide high-end tours and unique activities. Our goal is to introduce our clients to the hidden gems of Catalonia, from delicious foodstuffs to secretly guarded culinary traditions. We want our customers to have a gastronomical experience which will reveal to them our local food culture.

Trust our judgement

Our team of gastro-coaches (MBA graduates in foodology, Michelin-starred chefs, food artisans, amongst other professions) design team-building exercises and all kind of activities focusing on food and wine. We help companies develop skills –communication, leadership, group management- enhancing processes and increasing productivity while cooking, eating and drinking and having a good time.

Putting aside this rather excessive, boring verbage, let’s be honest: we are not going to give you the big sell on organising special events, nor talk ourselves up like this were a boardroom meeting. However, if you are a company looking for activities for your team based on food culture and gastronomy, then we can at least offer you some proposals that will oblige you to change your shirt. So, if you are feeling up for it, then all you need to do is ask.


  • Barcelona greatest hits
  • Catalan cuisine through the ages
  • Ancient bodegas
  • Catch of the day (fishing tour)
  • Food artisans Tour
  • Lost grapes & wines (recovered varieties)
  • Hail to the pork (sausage workshop and thematic tasting menu)
  • Truffle & Mushroom hunting
  • Calçotada (hands-on)
  • Atypical wine tastings: Cava vs. Ancestral, vertical tastings,…
  • Iberian ham & artisan cheese guided tasting