Beyond tapas tour

Because there are more than just tapas, join us to find out the genuine cuisine from Barcelona beyond tapeo

Nights in Barcelona are unpredictable, and on this tour we invite you to dive into an itinerary that traces the history of Catalan cuisine, through bars, restaurants and wineries. Immerse yourself in Barcelona’s culinary scene and libertine spirit, which survives in some of the best bars in town. If you, like us, have a weakness for worldly pleasures, you won’t hesitate to join us.

Tapas is just one of many culinary concepts that define current food scene in Barcelona. Just one. But there are many others that tell about how eclectic Catalan cuisine is. So we will take you to some of our favourites places to show you how the old coexists with the new, for you to get an overview of our gastronomy and to explain you why we eat what we eat.

Then, you will find yourself sharing the bar with a stranger, elbow to elbow. Raising a toast in a contagious atmosphere for friends and good times. The amount of acquaintances made over a late ale are countless among wine-soaked words and cheerful toasts. Then, an order of prawns arrive to your table and suddenly –revived by a sumptuous Negroni- you realise that all this began with a simple early afternoon vermouth. Dusk in Barcelona is always unpredictable.

Squeeze the most out of the evenings with platillos, tapas, bottles of wines, well poured ales and lots of good humour.

  • In Barcelona there is an unwritten law that you should know: Never turn down a final drink. It brings bad luck.
  • Watch out: We sold our souls to Carpanta for one more beer, and now we are condemned to travel from bar to bar –and from drink to drink- for all of eternity.
  • Enough food and drink to get ready for bed.
  • Visiting 4 preset venues to have 1 tapas and 1 drink in each place. What do you think we are? A franchised tapas tour company? Respect!
  • Yes, you will eat and drink for more than 4 hours but however friendly you are we won’t be there to tuck you in
  • Sorry but the hangover does not come included in the price.