[TV] Barcelona food markets with Tastes Like Home


And this is, ladies and gentlemen, how Àlex became a TV host for a day. He doesn’t like to be in front of the camera but loves to meet interesting people to drink with them talk about food and culture, so there he was taking the crew from Tastes Like Home around an iconic food market and a traditional food house in Barcelona.

Chef Catherine Fulvio, in front of this TV show on Irish public broadcaster RTE One, wanted to explore first-hand a centric market, just one of many food temples Barcelona opened in the past century to distribute locally grown produce among other delicacies.

RTE Irlend TV show featuring Aborígens Barcelona and Catalan cuisine

After the shopping walk, they headed to a traditional casa de menjars (Catalan for food house) to smell and devour some Catalan recipes such as bacallà a la llauna or a mar i muntanya dish.

If you don’t had enough with this trailer and want so watch the full episode (seriously?), just figure out which drink we would never order for you while in Barcelona and use it as a password to access the video.