Cheese & Olive oil tour

Be delighted by this gastronomic Barcelona day trip based on our favourite artisanal cheeses and unique olive oils you’ve never heard of before

Catalan cheeses and olive oils are living their best moment ever. Not only for the huge range of new varieties available in our markets but because they are helping to spread a culture which tells us about an old economy of subsistence, rural landscapes, raw winters, transhumance and bygone traditions.

Varieties such as Corbella, Becaruda, Farga, Morruda, Vera, Rojal -without forgetting Arbequina- and brand new types of cheeses like blue, soft, long-time aged cheeses and even those which are fermented have been recovered and made for you to enjoy some of the most tempting food pleasures from our land.

We invite you to join us in search of this ancestral Catalonia and meet the producers that preserve our culinary heritage.

  • Tasting oils made from olives you have never tasted before or do you know Blanqueta, Empeltre, Palomar, Menya and Argudell by any chance?
  • Meeting artisan cheesemakers, shepherds and farmers concerned about their past and their future in rural Catalonia.
  • Landscape and nature: rural Catalonia is charming.
  • Industrial dairy producers never take part in our tours.
  • Just relax because nobody will push you to buy products. We always pay our visits.
  • Manchego cheese is (sometimes) amazing but you won’t taste it on our tours. Sorry!