Truffle & Mushroom hunting Tour

Leave Barcelona in a day tour to sniff around like a dog to get some mushrooms and truffles (December-March). Autumn and winter cuisine are back!

Spring, summer and winter. Here in Catalonia we are lucky to get wild mushrooms all year round. Given that our rural cuisine is of a wild nature, we love foraging for red pine mushrooms, chantarelles, ceps, morels, ou de reig (aka amanita cesarea but not the muscaria which will kills you) and, of course, black truffle in winter season. Admire the dogs while they do their job smelling the moist soil and follow their trail, if you can. Our winters smell like the woods, smell like truffles, smell like fun.

A Truffle & Mushroom hunting Tour typically starts before sunrise -no room for laziness when it comes to being the first in the forest. After meeting our expert partner, we start walking with a single purpose in mind: to fill up our baskets so lunch afterwards gets better. Once at the table, our avid hunter shares some stories with the group while tasting a degustation menu based on mushrooms or truffle, depending on season.

  • You smell that? Do you smell that?… Truffle, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. We love the smell of truffle in the morning.
  • Watching the dogs chasing for truffles is a show in itself. Then, just sit, smell and shave the truffle on your plate. Is there any greater  pleasure?
  • To learn the real flavour of wild mushrooms. Forget about nuclear white fungi that taste like polystyrene.
  • No magic mushrooms are used during this tour to guarantee you an unforgettable experience. Although these are available on request.
  • Tuber indicum AKA Chinese black truffle. No scams over here, we only catch tuber melanosporum (real black truffle) and that’s what you get.
  • A day trip easy to forget. This is a memorable journey to the countryside, better or worse.