2021, safe & tasty travels

Culinary trips 2021 with Aborigens

While are waiting for such an infamous year to end as soon as possible, we are done grumbling about how things could have been and see how time goes by. Despite keeping a low profile, we in Aborígens didn’t stop working for a better future to come, always faithful to our principles:

  • Low impact tourism wherever we go
  • Promotion of local food culture
  • Deep countryside exploration
  • Small groups for no point-and-shoot zombies

Our commitment is to keep delivering the best culinary journeys to those non-conformist travelers seeking the real side of a country through its gastronomy. And sticking to this recipe, this is how the upcoming 2021-22 seasonal menu looks like:

  • Chef-led journeys: El Bulli heritage with the person who know better the Adrià language, our tour the force with a chef whose passion for Spanish food doesn’t fit in a 10-day culinary trip (4th edition!), or the unique vision of Catalan food and traditions by a chef who emigrated to the US but is rooted to his country. In 2021 there is a culinary journey for every type of traveler.
  • Special interest trips: ever thought of joining an epic road trip with an expert cheese educator while we visit some of the best cheesemakers in Spain? Just an exemple of what’s coming.
  • Culinary tours in/from Barcelona: we’ll keep calling them tours, but those who were joining us in the past know that ours are different from the canned-style and so-called “authentic tours for foodies” that you will find around.
  • Exploration journeys: be a part of the exciting work field as we explore remote corners of the country looking for small food producers and new itineraries.
  • Self-guided & Sef-driving tours: for those who enjoy visiting the city and country at your own pace, we customize itineraries according to (almost) any desire. This may be as well the safest option to travel during covid times, and this summer we received some European visitors looking for such experiences.

We will keep you posted on the 2021 calendar so you can start planning your 2021 travels. Please, stay safe, eat well and keep hydrated -if you need any ideas, let us know.